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Improve Your Game with Golf Tec

If you have been frustrated with your golf game lately, it is time to let a Golf Tec professional guide you in the right direction.

“We identify the first flaw in your swing and work from there rather than trying to work from the end result,” explained Sean Petrone, franchise owner and director of instruction for Golf Tec in Mount Pleasant. “A lot of others offer band aids after only a few lessons, but that doesn’t happen here at Golf Tec. Our sessions typically take a year to complete and it’s a lot of hard work.

“It’s definitely a process to teach the correct technique,” said Petrone. Starting with a full swing evaluation, instructors at Golf Tec will figure out each individual’s goals and make a diagnosis.

Including Petrone, who has given over five thousand golf lessons, the Mount Pleasant team of Golf Tec professionals includes Boykin Powers – one of only seven PGA Master Teaching Professionals in South Carolina – and Simons Cuthbert – a class A PGA Professional.

The five factors of Golf Tec’s proven path to learning a better golf swing are fact-based diagnosis, sequential lessons, video-based practice, advanced retention tools and precision matched clubs. “We help you learn through all five senses,” said Petrone.

Golf Tec also provides motion measurement sensors, digital video, TOUR video comparisons and the capability of biofeedback beeps to fine tune a particular issue.

Clients of Golf Tec range from beginners to professionals who make their living at swinging the club. “Everyone, at some point in their game, wants to learn new techniques so they can play better.”

With over three million golf lessons given and a 95% success rate, it is no wonder Golf Tec has been coaching across the country for sixteen years. If frustration is working its way into your golf game and you would like to arrange for lessons; or to register for a free Momentum Newsletter, visit Golf Tec online at or call (843) 654-1046.


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